Swing the wooden spoon yourself or just order something quickly?

It is worrying how far we are from natural, healthy life. This is ensured by the pressure to perform, the “digital revolution”, a sedentary lifestyle and fast food. The consequences are obesity, sugar addiction and civil diseases, which are actually not necessary, because knowledge about healthy eating is available. The only difficulty is to implement it in everyday life. So why is the stew much healthier when we cook it ourselves than the best ordered fast food?

What do nutritional components have to do with shopping?

Ours Modern society creates the conditions for a long, healthy life, life expectancy has never been higher. But everyone is responsible for their own fitness and health. It starts with shopping, when we decide against cheap offers with “empty” calories. We’d better apply our knowledge of the three basic building blocks that make up the optimal whole food diet: proteins (proteins), carbohydrates (preferably long-chain) and fats. You can only eat healthily enough if you combine these correctly.

How are the ingredients combined when you cook yourself?

Proteins are absolutely necessary, without them they work the body doesn’t. Vegetable protein, e.g. B. from whole grain, mushrooms and legumes preferable to animal protein from meat, dairy products and fish. When it comes to carbohydrates in the form of bread, pastries, noodles, potatoes, rice and something sweet, the natural variant should always be preferred, such as whole grain bread, spelled pasta, dried apricots. When it comes to fats, too, preference is given to vegetable ones with unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. avocado instead of butter or lard.

What are the advantages of cooking yourself?

Confidence in finished and semi-finished products as well as restaurant food is steadily declining. We are therefore doing ourselves a great favor if we take our “food intake” into our own hands. An engine only runs reliably when it receives “energy”. The big advantage of cooking yourself is that you choose and prepare the ingredients yourself. Not every pea has to be peeled yourself – on the contrary: you can also rely on frozen food, it is as good as fresh and ready to cook. “Freshness” is the “A” and “O” anyway if you want to cook something healthy yourself.

Floppy or “dead cooked” vegetables can no longer provide us with energy. Therefore, carrots, kohlrabi, asparagus and spinach should be eaten natural, crisp and fresh. Cooking healthily also means using unpolluted ingredients (without pesticides). If you also use the regional head of lettuce from the local market, you are also acting in an environmentally friendly way. This also applies to fruit, eggs, game and herbs that come from the region. Everything from the canned food, however, is already “dead”.

How do you manage the daily cooking yourself?

We should take enough leisure time to organize shopping, cooking and eating in such a way that they fit “under one roof” every day. Anyone who comes home from work starved does not want to spend long hours in the kitchen. That is why it is wise to find a prepared smoothie or raw food snack “to bridge the gap”. Many modern kitchen appliances help us with cutting and rasping, so that the short cooking time is almost no longer an issue. Cooking with family or friends is even more fun.

While watching TV, the vegetables are being prepared for the next day instead of sitting passively on the couch. Purchase deliveries to the house, e.g. B. from an online supermarket like Allyouneed Fresh or the seasonal organic box from the regional manufacturer, save valuable free time. Once you are used to cooking yourself, you won’t want to leave it, because nobody felt so light and fit before!

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