Healthy food can be so easy and delicious!

Again we respond to a call to write about a topic that is very exciting for us. This time everything should revolve around healthy eating.

  1. What is a healthy diet for you?
  2. Do enjoyment and healthy eating go together for you?
  3. How do you manage to eat healthily in (hectic) everyday life?
  4. Do you use special preparation methods, which ones can you recommend?
  5. Which nutrition tip or which recipe for healthy nutrition Can you recommend us from your blog?

Well, we are exactly the right people to contact and of course we are happy to answer your questions.

Fresh, clean, varied – simple delicious

In principle, healthy eating is not complicated at all. Only two things have to be fulfilled: on the one hand balanced and on the other hand clean. Most can imagine a balanced diet: a lot of fruit and especially vegetables, whole grain products, fish and meat in moderation, dairy products and every now and then an egg. Drink enough water or unsweetened tea. It is important not to consume too much fat, salt and sugar. And there we come to the second point of healthy eating: clean eating. The biggest problem with today’s diet is that we all too often resort to more or less processed foods. Unfortunately, these often contain exactly the three ingredients in abundance that we should use sparingly. Therefore, ready-made foods should be avoided as far as possible. Of course that doesn’t always work and you shouldn’t be hostage when it comes to nutrition, because the dose makes the poison. But basically cooking with fresh ingredients is not only healthier, it also tastes better.

Because, of course, and above all, healthy eating also has something to do with enjoyment. Freshly prepared food that can still be tasted, what could be more enjoyable? However, I know from my own experience that this is also a question of “habit”. Those who eat mainly industrial food will not particularly like fresh dishes. The sense of taste and the brain have become too used to the fat (fat is a flavor carrier) and sweet (sugar is not only contained in sweets and acts in the brain’s reward center) finished product. If that is missing, satisfaction falls by the wayside for the time being. We first have to get used to tasting original food in the truest sense of the word.

Healthy food made quickly

Of course, cooking fresh, especially in everyday life, is not always that easy. On the other hand, I also oppose the claim that eating healthily would be too expensive and time-consuming. It starts with the fact that you don’t always have to cook everything you eat. Raw vegetables are also delicious and a salad is usually prepared quickly. If you don’t have the time for that, you can get lettuce in portions in the supermarket. The only thing I would do without the dressing would be to quickly stir up a delicious meal myself with vinegar and olive oil. For a great start to the day, it can be just a few oatmeal, natural yogurt and fresh fruit. If you haven’t got anything solid in the morning, you can prepare a delicious smoothie instead. All of this is healthy, natural and quick.

But even cooking doesn’t have to be laborious. A couple of wholemeal noodles with vegetables that have been steamed in the pan, with some coconut milk and seasoning with spices such as turmeric and ginger, it’s quick and delicious. Another option is to pre-cook things. Broth, for example, is ideal for this. Boil a large saucepan and freeze parts of it. This can then be used as a base for sauces. Or you can cut fresh vegetables, sauté them and have a great stew with the broth. In general, I am a fan of dishes that can be prepared in a pot or pan. This also saves washing up and, in turn, saves time.

One of my favorite foods right now is quinoa. This is a pseudo-grain (so it is also suitable for people with gluten intolerance) from the Andes. It has many vitamins and is very rich in protein. It hardly has a taste of its own, similar to rice (this is how it is prepared) and is therefore ideal as a side dish or ingredient for both savory and sweet dishes. True to my preference to use as few pots as possible when cooking, one of my favorite recipes is currently quinoa with cabbage vegetables.

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