Juice fasting: Green Remover Cleanse

Fasting, cleansing, detox – especially in combination with cold-pressed juices, this is very trendy. The concept of cleansing with juices is very simple, because: During the cure you completely dispense with solid food and only consume fresh, cold-pressed juices. The main goal of the juice treatment: detoxifying the body.

It’s all about motivation

I started thinking about juice about a year ago and juice fasting, I was completely convinced by the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – the story of a sick person who drinks green juices and gets well has inspired me. The film also made one thing clear to me: Pressed juices that only consist of fruit are not the key to a detoxified body. Above all, it needs a high proportion of vegetables in the juices to give the body a break. Despite a positive attitude towards juices and cleansing, I have never dared to take a cure – that has changed with Bergblut. Bergblut provided us with a Green Remover Cleanse – as I’m the juice fanatic in our team, I was allowed to test the Green Remover Cleanse for one day.

Green Remover Cleanse : Process

PRE START If you opt for this cleanse, you opt for the greenest cure. A total of six bottles are delivered in a well-padded, chilled box. The bottles should be immediately stored in the refrigerator, but for me they still had to survive half a day in the office, which was not a problem thanks to the cool box. 5x 500ml and 1x 250ml – it was a bit tight in our refrigerator, so we made space for the six bottles in time. The cleanse instructions recommend eating healthier and drinking enough a few days before the start of the spa, if necessary avoiding nicotine, alcohol and sugar. Since I stick to the concept of clean eating for the most part, I have largely retained my habits – I only reduced my nicotine consumption. I deliberately put the one-day cure on a weekend day to ensure that exertion can be significantly reduced.


START Saturday morning starts at 8 a.m. with LEMONADE NO ° 3. This consists of water, lemon and spirulina platensis. The composition of the ingredients makes sense – but since I don’t find any taste of fish or algae particularly pleasant, this lemonade was a little challenge for me. Two hours later, the GREEN NO ° 1 was waiting for me. Apple, spinach, zucchini, fennel, broccoli, parsley, lemon, wheatgrass and lemongrass make this green juice particularly tasty. Especially compared to the previous lemonade, I found this juice super tasty. I am usually not very hungry in the morning, but I had the feeling that the juice fills my stomach in a light way and prevents a possible feeling of hunger. Around 11.30 am I was getting hungry and was happy to be able to drink the third juice NO ° 3 around 12.00. This juice is similarly green as its predecessor, but also consists of celery and ginger. You can especially taste the ginger and it gives the juice an interesting aftertaste. By the way, at this point I was driving – I found it very practical to be able to put the meal in the cup holder.

IN THE MIDDLE Around 1.30 p.m. I was really hungry for the first time that day and had a terrible appetite. The NO ° 2 juice, consisting of pineapple, cucumber, lemon and wild herb oil, helped against hunger – definitely my favorite juice of the cure despite the higher fructose content. Unfortunately, even he could hardly reduce my appetite for a solid meal and so I was in a much worse mood on Saturday afternoon than usual. 4:00 pm, time for the last 500ml juice of the daily regimen. The juice NO ° 3 is again on the menu, with which I take more time than with the previous juices, since – apart from the MILK NO ° 1 – it is the last meal of the day. According to my own assessment, I have already overcome my feeling of hunger and feel just as powerful as usual. Only my bad mood seems a bit unusual to me.

END of the cure: MILK NO ° 1. A composition of water, raw almonds, dates, maple syrup and vanilla. I was really looking forward to this milk – and was bitterly disappointed. Tastes wonderful, but I forgot one thing – my allergy. I am not always allergic to nuts, but with some types of almonds my body can react allergically. Unfortunately, it was the same with the milk, my throat started to itch a lot after just two small sips. I had to give away my last meal to my flatmate, which I was very sad about. On Saturdays, I usually go to bed late, but I have decided to go to bed early to avoid the temptation of a midnight snack. I was in bed around 10 p.m. and was able to fall asleep well despite a slight feeling of hunger.

THE MORNING AFTER Sunday morning I woke up feeling very hungry and was happy to be able to eat solid food again. Despite the strong calorie deficit on Saturday, I didn’t have the feeling that I had to make up for the missing calories on Sunday.


For me as a juice fanatic it was Green Remover Cleanse an interesting experience. The option of only doing this cure for one day is a good opportunity to try out the concept and approach your own limits. It has shown me that it is not my feeling of hunger that is an obstacle – as I initially suspected – but rather that I miss the mechanical process of eating.


The juices: First of all, a compliment to the packaging design. The glass bottles and the feel of the brochures that came with them are great and the presentation definitely adds to the motivation. If you compare the packaging of Bergblut juices with that of other manufacturers, I find the Bergblut design to be of higher quality. In my opinion, the demand for high quality can also be found in the composition of the juices. They taste fresh and healthy. And especially important: except for the algae lemonade, they taste great. In addition, the fructose content of the Green Remove Cleanse is limited.

Anyone who, like me, is concerned about consuming as little fructose as possible should stick to the Green Remove Cleanse, as all other juices – in my opinion – contain a relatively large amount of this type of sugar. An important lesson from the MILK NO ° 1 disaster: Allergy sufferers should inform themselves about the exact composition of the ingredients before starting the cleanse. I am sure that if I had thought of my almond allergy I could have stated this when ordering and the almond milk would have been exchanged for MILK NO ° 2. The cost of this cure for one day is 60 euros, which I find expensive but justified.

Ultimately, I would recommend the cure to anyone who does his Would like to give the body a day off or slowly familiarize itself with its own limits. Especially for people who have never come into contact with cold-pressed juices before, this variant is a convenient way to try it out.

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