Is Superfood Healthy? And what makes a food a superfood?

If you read about superfood, you will be inundated with superlatives. The many exotic foods that have been awarded this term are currently experiencing a real boom. Can you really keep what you promise? Is Superfood Healthy? And what exactly do the champions of food do?

Superfoods are foods and dietary supplements that have a higher nutrient density than conventional foods or that have an outstanding positive effect on our body in other ways. In the following, a few properties are listed that make superfoods particularly healthy and are associated with them.

Here you will find an overview of all superfoods

Properties of superfood

High levels of antioxidants . Antioxidants are chemical compounds that are also known colloquially as radical scavengers. In fact, they manage to neutralize free radicals and thus render them harmless. Free radicals are at the beginning of many health problems because they attack body cells and can lead to pathological changes. Cancer, dementia, arthritis, but also premature aging of the skin are often the consequences of cell changes caused by free radicals. With a higher volume of natural antioxidants in the body, these diseases can be counteracted in a targeted manner. The acai or aronia berries deserve special mention here

More vitamins than conventional foods. In direct comparison, some superfoods have a significantly higher content of valuable vitamins. This means we have to eat less of the corresponding healthy superfood to meet our nutritional needs. Especially in our often hectic times, but also as a substitute for other foods, we benefit from this property.

Excellent digestive effects. The human intestine is not the beginning of the end, but in many cases the linchpin of our health. Around 80% of the immune system happens here. This number makes it clear how important the gut is in fighting viruses and bacteria. A healthy intestinal flora should not be underestimated – and this is exactly why superfoods are so healthy. Many superfoods have a bowel-regulating effect, often even help against constipation and diarrhea at the same time, such as psyllium husks.

Ideal dietary supplement for vegans. It is well known that vegans do without all animal products, but also with important and valuable nutrients. Superfood can be a good alternative to dietary supplements in the form of tablets or the like. Spirulina and Chlorella, for example, contain a lot of the vitamin B12 that is otherwise only contained in animal products. The same goes for black sesame, which can easily meet the calcium requirement when you should stop consuming dairy products.

In the spotlight: quinoa, chlorella and maca

First of all: the list of superfoods is long and seems to be getting longer and longer almost every day. It is impossible to list all types of superfoods in this article. That is why three of the best-known dietary supplements are mentioned here as examples, which are used again and again in connection with the term superfood.

Quinoa is especially popular with people who want to lose weight. The pseudo-grain can be processed into desserts, as well as as a hearty side dish to all kinds of dishes that would otherwise be served with rice. As a very good vegetable source of protein , it is very popular among vegans. Quinoa is full of minerals and vitamins. It leads to a long-lasting feeling of satiety and thus prevents cravings and the dreaded yo-yo effect when dieting.

Chlorella is an alga with a very high nutrient content, which is especially useful for people who follow a vegan diet. interesting is. Their high proportion of Vitamin B2 and B12 counteracts deficiency symptoms in a diet without animal products. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Maca also convinces with this argument, and Maca is said to have a sexually stimulating effect . An effect that more and more men use to increase potency.

Why wander far away …

… when the good is so close? In fact, we mainly consume superfood from distant continents. We also have one or the other very healthy superfood right on our doorstep.

Spinach , for example. Grandmother’s well-intentioned advice is definitely justified, as the green leafy vegetables are extremely rich in nutrients. Take vitamin K, for example. This vitamin, whose important performance for the body is often underestimated, prevents calcium, for example, from accumulating in the arteries. If these calcified, heart attacks and strokes would be life-threatening.

Avocados grow – admittedly – not exactly on our doorstep, but they are still easier and cheaper to get than some exotic superfoods. Their high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and thus also keeps the blood sugar level in check. Not only a welcome quality for diabetics and makes the superfood healthy like no other.

Broccoli is an important, non-animal source of calcium and also provides a high fiber content for a smooth digestion and thus for a well-functioning immune system. This also makes this sometimes unpopular vegetable an absolute superfood.

When is superfood suitable?

In principle, it can enrich a balanced diet in any situation , In the following cases, however, it has proven to be particularly effective.

– During a diet to compensate for nutrient loss.
– During recovery during and after illness.
– In the case of increased nutritional requirements through exercise, pregnancy or hard, physical work.
– To supplement special diets.

Criticism of superfood

Where there are fans, critics are not far away . They see the current development and the boom, especially in Far Eastern superfoods, as increasingly problematic. On the one hand, the food is often not fresh and can only be obtained in a dried or even powdered form. On the other hand, this also opened the door to unclean food and food that is stretched with other substances. In addition, food from distant countries is often contaminated with harmful substances.

Criticism that is certainly justified and, above all, points out how important it is to get your superfood from trustworthy and tested sources. Then goji berries and Co. as well as the many varieties of local superfoods can enrich the menu in a valuable way.

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